Monday, January 21, 2013

The e-publishing has been quite a learning curve. There is so much material out there, thanks to the internet, that it takes many hours to sift through and find the useful stuff. In this blog I hope to share with other newbie e-publishers what I have learned, so you can get there quicker. No gimmicks, no packages or PDFs or things to buy... just free sharing of what I have learned, what hasn't worked, and what is working well.

Even starting this blog. Finally decided on this platform after reading screeds of info on blog platforms. It seems to have a relatively easy interface... though it took me a while to find the 'New Post' sitting unobtrusively in its little corner, top right on the screen. Isn't that just how it is? Everything's easy when you know how.

Will follow up with stuff that's more interesting: some great e-publishing tips I learned (that will hopefully shorten your learning curve), and also want to scan and post some old photographs that folks might enjoy, from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in the 60's and 70's - when I was growing up in Africa.


  1. Back in the USA for a little while. Great place to write. From where I sit typing - in Utah - I can look up, out of the front window and see the Sleeping Ute mountain in Colorado. When I turn around I look out of the back window towards Arizona and Monument Valley and can just make out the Mules' Ears. Very inspirational!

  2. So... publishing.
    Just published Anthills to Smashwords - Thank You Mark Coker. Book has been on Amazon for 6 months and I'm now trying a new platform. It pays to read the detailed guidelines on Smashwords... might have saved myself a couple of uploads to correct things. VERY detailed and good guidelines on everything from formatting to marketing. Giving it a try.... will keep you posted.